August 2018

Enhancing the quality and efficiency of e-learnings through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be on everyone’s lips. The media covers the subject daily releasing articles and stories of how Artificial Intelligence offers new possibilities in the enhancement of products, services and processes. Many call AI the new general-purpose technology of our era – and for a good reason – so wide is the range of possible applications.

Bitville’s involvement in AI

For many years, Bitville has invested heavily in AI technology. It has especially sought for ways in which Artificial Intelligence could improve the quality and the production process of e-learning courses. Bitville also wants to continuously provide learners with new and innovative learning experiences.

Bitville has also actively coached different groups on Artificial Intelligence: teaching classes at the Aalto University and providing training for individual businesses. The latest development has been the making of a mass e-learning on the subject for Nokia, see case here. And there is more to come.

New AI project

Producing a complete, multilingual e-learning course can be a surprisingly complex process. Bitville is convinced that this process can be boosted with AI.

The company has now launched a new research project on the subject, having received notable funding for the project from Business Finland. The main goal of the project is to find out how the efficient use of different AI components can enhance the production process of e-learnings. A good example of this is using AI-induced speech synthesis and machine translations at different stages of the process. And this is only one example of many possible applications.

The company estimates to put these new methods to production use in early 2019.

More on the horizon

There are many possible applications for AI to boost human learning in workplace training settings. These include, for example, automated essay assessment, advanced learning analytics, personalized learning experiences, dialogue-based learning and semi-automated content creation to mention just a few.

Some of these AI applications may come a bit later in the future, but others could be reached surprisingly soon. Bitville will continue to invest in AI for human learning to ensure a leading position in the research branch. The company is also determined to ensure that its’ customers are the first ones to reap the benefits of this technology megatrend.

Nokia AI case