May 2017

Summer training in Bitville - real project work to support theoretical studies

This week the Bitville team was augmented by our summer internship recruitment, as Oskar Keurulainen joins us for the summer as a data scientist trainee. Oskar studies at Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. Oskar says: "My major passion is control systems, robotics, software engineering, and especially how to use deep neural networks for implementing control systems in robotics. I have invested and will continue to invest my time to bring my math, programming and machine learning skills to the level that is required solve problems associated with my previously mentioned passions. These focuses combine many fascinating fields such as deep learning, reinforcement learning and data science in general. In Bitville, I have a chance to work as a member in an AI team, which supports my studies in the best way possible. Additionally, I am grateful to have the opportunity to familiarize myself with the latest tools that I need to learn well, such as TensorFlow."