We are a compact team with a good mix of educational backgrounds, interests and skills. Approaching challenges from many different angles means that our solutions are creative and solid – and it also makes Bitville a great place to work!

Our customers know they can rely on us to deliver high-quality innovations, no matter the challenge. You’ll find that the same helpful approach towards clients informs our company culture, too. We work together to make sure things get done, and done right.

AI Software Developer / AI Software Developer Trainee

We are looking for a motivated and team-oriented AI Software Developer to join the learning industry revolution. We are at the forefront of combining the newest AI innovations with the rapidly evolving learning industry. Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence make it possible to create more personalised and dynamic learning experiences while also improving the learning content production process.

At Bitville, you will get the unique opportunity to build cutting-edge AI tools and combine these in creative ways with the rest of the software stack. If you’re still at an early phase of your career, you will be assigned a mentor responsible for supporting your growth in the field of AI.

The complete pipeline for producing learning solutions requires a broad range of skills, including manuscript writing, graphics design, animation creation and full-stack development including databases, cloud computing and AI. The AI components we use in this pipeline range from attention-based question answering engines to speech synthesis with deep generative models. A setting like this offers many possibilities for a skilled software developer to contribute to, such as training deep learning models on large cloud infrastructure, manipulating large data sets, making algorithmic optimisations and designing interactive user interfaces.

Depending on your existing skill levels and interests, this position might also be suitable as a master’s thesis position.

We expect:

  • An active, self-driven approach and an eagerness to learn
  • Skills in object-oriented programming
  • At least basic knowledge and strong motivation to learn AI technologies

We also appreciate experience with:

  • Python and Javascript programming
  • Front-end development tools such as Vue.js or ReactJS
  • Back-end development with Node.js and Flask/Django
  • Deep learning libraries such as TensorFlow or Pytorch
  • Cloud computing
  • Working with data
  • Multithreaded/distributed algorithms and cuda kernels
  • Machine learning
  • Relevant mathematical knowledge (probability theory, linear algebra, calculus)
  • Neural network architectures (convolutional networks, recurrent sequence models, attention mechanisms, generative models)

Interested? Send your application and CV as soon as possible to: recruitment@bitville.fi.

We're interested in your previous studies, work, and any of your own relevant programming projects. Of course, if you have a portfolio or code at GitHub please share the link. The position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found.

If you have further questions about the application process, contact jouko.ranta@bitville.com or +358 40 579 8098.