May 2019

The Bitville team is enhanced by two new visual designers

We are pleased to introduce two new visual designers to our increasingly dynamic and international team.

Dinara Ishmuratova is a Master of Communications Design from the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, with an extra one-year stint at Finland’s Aalto University engrossing herself in advanced information design. Dinara’s strong drive for self-improvement and knack for graphic conceptualization make her designs innovative and her expertise highly valuable for our clientele.

“The atmosphere we share at Bitville is very special. It has a very international spirit, and I greatly value the chance to be able to co-create and share ideas with really creative, open-minded and unique people,” Dinara explains.

We are very happy to also welcome David Reynolds whose sheer creativity and can-do mindset for tackling all kinds of visual challenges are a rare asset. David brings with him extensive problem-solving experience and professional know-how gained from working on a diverse range of projects both simple and complex (and everything in between).

“You're only as good as the team you're working with,” David says, “and I'm most thankful for finding this one. Bitville is home to a group of highly talented individuals, who continue to inspire and motivate me on a daily basis.”

Bitville is glad to welcome aboard visual designers who are not afraid to think up innovative ways of visualizing learning content — welcome to the team, Dinara and David!