November 2019

Bitville CEO Jouko Ranta becomes partner in Bitville Oy

We are getting ready for our next steps. Bitville has adjusted its ownership structure to better support the momentum we are currently gaining in our learner experience design and business development efforts.

A waft of positive change and dynamism is circulating in our Espoo office. We are happy to announce that our CEO Jouko Ranta has become a partner and shareholder in Bitville Oy. Antti Keurulainen, Bitville’s founder and majority shareholder, says “I want to thank Jouko for his commitment and dedication throughout this time, and I am very excited to take this important step.”

Jouko has been a part of Bitville for nearly 15 years now. He became deputy CEO in 2014 before taking the reins as the company’s autonomous CEO in February 2016. Under his stewardship, Bitville has redoubled its efforts in managing key partnerships and in fostering increasingly impactful e-learning solutions.

“We’ve focused on the right things in recent years,” Jouko says. “We’ve taken the time and patience to hone our practice. As a result, I think we’re ready to face exciting new opportunities.”

Eyes on the right prize

One of these exciting opportunities is the company’s ongoing efforts to internationalize. We recently launched an office in London, UK — a move that is in line with Bitville’s long-term vision of becoming the number one choice of world-renowned companies for fulfilling their digital learning needs.

Our expertise and flexibility have certainly chimed with our clients' needs and expectations. This has given us ample opportunity for business development, alongside the shifting winds of the global e-learning market.

“We’re reading clear changes in the demand for digital and blended learning solutions,” Antti Keurulainen says, “and I think Jouko has been able to navigate us through these new waters very successfully. We’ve been able to benefit from this and land some very impressive partnerships. In fact, these are some of the most exciting projects Bitville has ever worked on.”

But Jouko and Antti both agree that business should continue to prosper through client satisfaction and learner engagement. “It’s the only way to build sustainable growth in this field. But it’s also very meaningful for our employees, too. This means we continue to seek high-quality solutions in every project we pursue,” Jouko Ranta says.