February 2020

Bitville’s long-time employee, Art Director Miika Etula becomes shareholder

We are pleased to announce that Bitville’s Art Director Miika Etula was made a partner in the firm in February 2020.

Miika begun working at Bitville already in 1998 as a summer employee while studying Media Technology in EVTEK University of Applied Sciences. Some 15 years and a BA degree in Graphic Design later, he had worked his way to lead the graphics team.

In his role as the Art Director, Miika has envisaged numerous captivating learning solutions and explored new approaches to visualizing learning experiences. On his watch, the graphics team has doubled in size and gained new, valuable skills.

“When designing attractive and effective learning materials, visuality and functionality are key elements. I’m confident that with our current team of driven and talented professionals, we are able to meet even the most visionary customer needs and keep pushing the envelope of what is possible in terms of illustration, infographics, animations, and video productions”, says Miika. He also adds: “In our line of work, an attitude of wonder and curiosity is a must, as there are always things we can learn. I am excited to see what are the digital learning implementations we are able to utilize in the near future!”

We are very happy to be able to reward our dedicated talents, and congratulate Miika on this special achievement.