We like big data and we cannot lie. And we like it even better when it’s harnessed to support better learning. Within time, AI is expected to change all industries, which is why Bitville has been actively researching how to incorporate AI into corporate training and education. Our goal is to simplify and smooth the production process of digital learning solutions so that our customers can get the training they need, faster.

We are also hard at work employing AI-powered solutions to help participants get more out of their learning experience. Automating the grading process and creating customizable content with the help of speech synthesis are just a few of the things we are cooking up at the moment.

We believe that computer intelligence is the way for greater levels of individualization and versatility in learning, and we want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the AI game. Smart learning analytics, semi automated content production and dialogue based learning systems are going to change the game. And we’re excited to be on the frontlines of change.

Some of our clients

Our customers span across industries and geographies. Here’s a list of a few of them:


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