Conflict of Interest

Harnessing the power of microlearning


Digital learning | Compliance

The intention

A multinational telecommunications company, Nokia knew that teaching regulatory compliance right is crucial for business continuity.

Conducting business ethically and staying mindful of possible conflicts of interest requires continuous commitment from everyone at Nokia.

The challenge

Conflict of interest topics can be fact-heavy and difficult to wade through. To ensure that the content is memorable and easy to digest for all employees, Nokia wanted a fresh and attractive approach to the course.

Nokia’s compliance team and Bitville took on the challenge. Together, they set out to make an engaging e-learning to help employees understand how compliance applies to their own day-to-day jobs.

Short and sweet

The resulting learning solution was broken down into smaller chunks through microlearning, each tackling a different conflict of interest scenario. To empower the learner to take on the reins of their own learning experience, the solution directed them to only focus on the topics most relevant to them.

I’ve worked with Bitville for many years; their staff of designers, writers and project managers are exceptional. Courses are always professional and high quality. They are a pleasure to work with.

Susan Wetherell
Business Partner, Nokia

Look and feel

Visually, Nokia wanted a solution that was inclusive and reflected their diverse workforce. And so, Bitville’s design team created a set of characters that mirror Nokia’s multinational team.

To keep learners engaged, the e-learning used animations to illustrate various tricky conflict of interest situations.

A learning experience that strikes a chord

Together, Nokia and Bitville breathed life into legal content and brought it closer to what Nokia employees encounter in their everyday work lives.

The concept was so well-received that Nokia and Bitville created three additional compliance courses, utilizing the same visually appealing, scenario-based approach.

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