Digital methods for lasting industrial workplace safety


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Where “good enough” is not good enough

Steelmaking is among the world’s hardest and most hazardous industries. Working safely against a backdrop of extreme temperatures, pressure and other hazards is vital for keeping oneself and others safe from harm.

Walking the walk

Outokumpu, a global leader in stainless steel, is active in improving and promoting safety in steelmaking, continuously seeking new ideas for creating lasting work safety. Outokumpu came to us, challenging Bitville to come up with more vivid ways to enable their employees to internalize crucial safety messages and behaviors.

We partnered up to create three dynamic digital trainings on:

  • Risk assessment
  • Contractor Control
  • Permit-to-Work

No shortcuts in safety or learning

Taking our cue from the Outokumpu team’s drive for safety excellence, we helped to distill and visualize important work safety topics into crystal-clear messages designed to give learners tangible understanding. As learning by doing is the key to lasting behavior change, we devised plenty of hands-on activities for greater retention.

Bitville are a very professional company who have a true understanding of the requirements of Outokumpu. They are an inventive team who clearly know their subject matter, and it shows in the quality of the work. We are happy to plan and create further trainings with them, knowing full well we will get something that is tailored to our needs and will deliver the correct message to our employees.

— Kevin Davis
Senior Manager (Group H&S), Outokumpu

For a global Outokumpu audience

These e-learnings were designed to convey the organization’s strong stance on work safety while remaining faithful to Outokumpu branding. Bitville also localized the trainings into nine language versions for maximum reach across Outokumpu’s global operations.

Lasting safety results by design

Since their roll-out, Outokumpu’s work safety trainings have not only helped learners grasp safety principles but also contributed to building a more cohesive and shared understanding of safety terminology, rules and requirements across the organization.

With a total of ten language versions available around the world, Outokumpu employees now speak the same language of safeguarding and act in a more unified safety-conscious way.