Promoting women's economic inclusion around the world

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) invests in changing people’s lives

Through its public and private sector investments, as well as policy dialogue, the EBRD is working to achieve inclusive, sustainable economic growth across all its countries of operation.

Scaling up gender equality action

Gender equality is integral to the EBRD’s mandate. Closing gender gaps is not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. In fact, it’s key to boosting private sector performance and building stronger national economies.

Developing the EBRD Gender Academy

Collaborating closely with EBRD experts, Bitville developed the Gender Academy: an in-depth, three-part eLearning, teaching investment bankers:


gender equality interventions are needed in different regions and sectors.


to work with clients to integrate gender equality interventions into investment projects.


kinds of gender equality interventions have a real impact on business performance.

Watch the video for an introduction to the EBRD Gender Academy

Combining expert digital pedagogy with stunning visuals

Our strategy was to ensure that learners were active and engaged throughout the course.

  • Through beautiful infographics and videos, we inspired them to take action.
  • Through a variety of interactivities, we challenged them to think creatively.
  • And through real case examples and screen recordings, we trained them to use the EBRD’s gender-smart tools in their daily tasks.

Raising the bar for digital learning

The Gender Academy was a resounding success. The EBRD reported in fact that Bitville raised the bar for digital learning at the bank.

Here is what our EBRD partners had to say

We sincerely appreciate Bitville’s close collaboration on the EBRD Gender Academy. We thoroughly enjoyed working with them and especially appreciated their innovative ideas, ambitious work ethic, positivity and reliability. They worked so hard to ensure our success.

Dr Sunita Pitamber
Associate Director
Gender and Economic Inclusion, EBRD

Investing in an inclusive, sustainable future

Building on the success of the first Gender Academy, Bitville and the EBRD are partnering again, this time to promote the integration of climate finance and gender-smart investing across eight sectors.

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