Developing a digital onboarding solution with Exscientia

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Developing a digital onboarding solution

Exscientia, a cutting-edge AI-driven pharmatech company, wanted a digital onboarding solution for their growing numbers of new recruits. Bitville, recognizing our shared start-up mindset and passion for AI, was delighted to answer the call.


Working together

With Exscientia’s specialists, we created a six-module training series that sheds light on Exscientia’s organization and processes. The content is delivered to the learners through a user-friendly web app crafted by Bitville’s developers. This web app acted as an interim delivery platform before Exscientia established a more permanent learning management solution.


Making the complex simple

We formulated a learner-centric, well-structured approach to balance out the highly technical topics covered in the modules. Using clean and fresh visual design, along with storytelling techniques and interactions, we created an impactful learning experience that introduces new employees to the intricacies of AI-driven drug design.

Everyone from the consultant to designers and content writers understood our needs and requirements (sometimes even better than we did ourselves). They also were able to translate it into solutions that were interactive, inviting and fun, resulting in our learners getting the most rewarding learning experience.

Tiiu Kulli
Director of Learning & Development

Onboarding solutions for growth companies

Quick onboarding processes are a strategic asset for any enterprise, especially growth companies. Bitville has been supporting many companies in their induction and onboarding initiatives. The key is to design digital solutions in such a way that content remains relevant for a long time. Another consideration is how to bring variety to the learning path so that the learner embarks on a journey where studying online and being mentored lead to a successful career.


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