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Forensic Analytics, a leader in software solutions for digital forensics, makes significant strides in equipping law enforcement agencies with innovative digital tools to fight crime.

To meet the increasingly growing and complex needs of their expanding customer base — as well as to ensure widespread accessibility to training — Forensic Analytics embarked on a strategic transition from a classroom-based training model to a blended learning framework that leverages the potential of digital and instructor-led learning solutions.

Practical skills-building for on-the-job applications

Developing practical skills and the confidence to conduct effective criminal investigations with cutting-edge software was at the forefront of Forensic Analytics’ attention.

With support from Bitville, our teams worked closely together to design a comprehensive suite of digital modules. The aim was to equip analysts, detectives, and digital media investigators with the capabilities to build strong cases and evidence that can be successfully utilized in courts of law.


Scaffolding the learning to reach new skills heights

The modules offer a hands-on digital tour of key software features and user experience. Learners are given safe environments to practice using the software and apply their skills in increasingly complex simulated criminal cases.

Realistic sample data sets, narrative backdrops, and other elements were incorporated to blur the line between “training” and “on-the-job investigation” in order to maximise learning outcomes.

An accreditation system was also built into the learning journeys to validate learners’ ability to produce court-admissible data upon successful completion of training milestones.

Agile, adaptable, and focused on long-term impact

As Forensic Analytics continued to develop their software and introduce new features, we incorporated flexible updates into their digital training portfolio.

Further, our collaboration expanded to include planning future training solutions together, with Bitville providing continual support with learning platform administration and troubleshooting — all to ensure uninterrupted access to learning resources and a continual focus on building the core skills necessary for effective digital forensic investigations.

Through working in close cooperation, the team at Bitville have helped transform our digital learning offering into a world class solution that we can easily reuse to meet the differing needs of our Cell Site Analysis Suite (CSAS) users in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Gray Blattner, Training Portfolio Manager


What did we achieve together?

The collaboration between Forensic Analytics and our team resulted in the successful transformation of their training portfolio and the scaling of their training solutions. Forensic Analytics has been able to reach and train target audiences with increased efficiency, impact, accessibility, and satisfaction.

We are delighted to continue our collaboration in supporting Forensic Analytics’ commitment to delivering world-class products, support, and training for their users — ultimately empowering law enforcement agencies worldwide in their fight against crime.

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