Ushering in the next generation of People Flow solutions

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KONE is a global leader in elevator technology and solutions, with a mission to improve the flow of urban life. Always looking to help customers improve efficiency, productivity and sustainability, KONE was ready to usher in a new era of People Flow solutions — the DX class of products — set to redefine the industry.

Building sales readiness effectively and at scale

But the challenge was this: how might KONE train its employees, especially its global salesforce, on the new DX solutions in near lockstep with the R&D schedule?

KONE’s training activities had to support its ambitious go-to-market strategy. Because training would take place while the DX solutions were being finalized, learning infrastructure had to be built in a very short time. But KONE also recognized that quality is crucial — audiences will quickly tire of lacklustre content.

How were we able to support KONE?

KONE turned to Bitville in preparation for back-to-back DX launches between 2020–2022.

A Bitville lead was integrated into the KONE team, enabling close collaboration with Deployment, Marketing, and R&D. Through the Bitville lead, KONE could flexibly leverage Bitville’s wider skillset and offering.

Over the course of the project, we helped to co-develop the DX training strategy, advising on the best approaches and implementations. And we helped to proactively manage and drive projects forward to ensure milestones were met.

Bitville readily understood our needs and was able to respond to them in a self-reliant way. 10/10.

- Offering Manager, KONE

Our task was also to make role-based learning journeys come to life. Working closely with KONE, we created a variety of custom assets including e-learnings, videos, and a learning experience platform — the DX Launch Digital Playbook — complete with pre-tasks and post-assessments.

Training webinars also gave KONE experts and target audiences the chance to learn and interact with each other. During their development, we wanted to help KONE’s experts shine: by identifying the most important messages together and converting these into key visualizations and illustrative stories.

What did we achieve together?

Faster go-to-market was business critical — and together with KONE, we pushed the right buttons to deliver the results.

The DX learning journeys have garnered high learner satisfaction, helping to generate active participation, discussion, and knowledge sharing. Clear materials also gave KONE frontlines the best start for their local training activities.

As a testament to the value of our collaboration, the project’s steering group was confident of success throughout the journey — “I don’t have to think about training”, says the Program Lead, simply because everything was always heading in the right direction.

Very good support, very helpful and creative, and also very detail-oriented, which means there were no errors or re-work needed. Bitville seemed to fully understand whatever we talked about. They feel more like long-time KONE colleagues than external partners in that way!

- Customer Experience Development Manager, KONE

Nearly 8 000 KONE employees embarked on the most recent DX learning journeys, with a reported learner satisfaction rating of 4,6.