Sales and product training via blended learning solutions


Blended learning

The intention

KONE, an innovation leader in the elevator and escalator industry, was introducing its new volume elevator offering. The best had been made even better, and the improvements were significant.

Before the release, KONE needed to bring its sales force up to speed with all of the industry-leading details of their new offering.

Global training events to get the word out

To communicate all of the details of this added value to the sales force, KONE was putting together two training events - one in Kunshan, China, for the global sales force, and one in Helsinki, Finland for the European sales force.

Nailing down the training concept

Together with Bitville, KONE begun the work to develop the training concept as well as training activity assets for both events. Over the course of a few months, we defined and refined the activities and flow of the two events to ensure optimal event delivery.

The best feedback is that the materials have been adopted globally in a very congruent way - and best of all, at a very rapid pace.

Gabriella Still
Value Selling Program Manager, KONE

Versatile assets to engage and stimulate the sales force

To make the training events a success, we wanted to infuse them with as much as interaction as possible. With that in mind, we created a workbook, a game with playing cards as well as game board - all inviting the learner to interact with the materials presented.

In addition, the physical space was brought to life with large posters and free-standing life-sized figures.

As a result, the training was a success in both locations and received strongly positive reviews from the participants.