Elevating safety to new heights with KONE

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KONE is a global powerhouse in the elevator industry

KONE technicians, installers, and fitters often operate in risky environments, making work safety a critical cornerstone of KONE's success. Bitville has been proudly supporting KONE's relentless drive to safety excellence in a long line of collaborative projects that have leveraged our full set of skills and capabilities. Here's our top picks:

No details left unchecked

The devil is always in the details with complex equipment. That's why with KONE we developed high-fidelity 3D animations in 20 languages, illustrating the procedures and minutiae involved in elevator and escalator safety checks.


Immersive spaces for exploring hazards safely

Designed for field operatives on the go, Safety in Mind nanomodules employ 360° images, visual storytelling, and a gamified framework for maximum immersion in exploring on-site hazards.

Articulating KONE's vision of safety

We are the proud architects of the KONE Safety House concept, which serves as a vital annex to KONE's overall company vision and strategy.

And together, we have also designed expo collateral such as stands, flyers,and roll-ups for tangible awareness-building and safety messaging.

Public service announcements for safer urban lives

Our animation handiwork and poster designs have been showcased in social media channels and public spaces alike to promote end-user safety around the world.

Safety starts with hearts and minds...

In close collaboration with KONE, we've designed bespoke digital learning to help solidify safety consciousness accross the whole company, such as the Way for Safety e-learning that is available in 30+ KONE languages.

...and is nurtured through strong leadership

We have also supported leadership development with a purpose-built Safety Leadership suite that invites introspection and facilitates leader-to-leader learning.