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Neste is the world’s leading producer of sustainable fuels and renewable feedstock solutions.
Committed to helping its customers reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Neste is expanding its refinery operations in Rotterdam, increasing the capacity to supply innovative products to sustainability-minded customers worldwide.

Support that is end-to-end and proactive

Neste entrusted us with the proactive management, coordination, and advancement of key digital learning activities related to the site expansion project.

We took on the challenge with a consultative approach, leveraging our extensive experience in developing digital learning solutions and programs aimed at supporting wider strategic change initiatives.

Over several years of close collaboration, our support spanned a wide range of topics, including site safety and unit trainings to language localization and developing custom platforms and tools for addressing specific needs at the refinery.

Ensuring safety at the site

To build safety consciousness at a site bustling with employees, suppliers, and contractors, we developed a platform-and-content solution that was both comprehensive and agile.

We created a series of five modules, hosted on our custom-built platform, to provide easy access for all learners — internal and external — as well as reliable tracking of training completions. This effectively gave Neste a modern solution for managing the capabilities of site personnel, offering flexibility in access control.

The modules were translated into seven languages using Syllabell, Bitville’s AI-powered localization tool.

Refining knowledge with unit-specific training

For refinery operators in training, there is a multitude of highly technical information to learn. As part of Neste’s thorough training program, Bitville created a total of 60 e-learning modules. We sought to distil complex subject matter into learner-oriented and engaging training materials to help develop the knowledge needed for skill-based and practical training.

Using technical documentation as source material, we created animated process flow diagrams and combined them with clear writing, creative activity design, and visualizations of the actual site. The pedagogical approach relied on our strong expertise of designing engaging learning experiences for adult learners.

To further optimize the training for the target audience, all modules were localized into Dutch with Syllabell.

Bitville is committed to understanding our needs and making sure the learning experience meets our objectives. They are a professional, agile, and flexible partner. Bitville consistently delivers high-quality work, which significantly contributes to our project success.”

– Djini Bhugwansing
Competence Development Manager, Neste Renewables Platform

What was the yield?

To make sure the modules hit the mark, we collaborated closely with subject matter experts on all sides: both with people drafting the blueprints and those operating the equipment in the field.

That collaboration resulted in wide-ranging and impactful learning solutions that serve the diverse needs of Neste’s Rotterdam expansion project.

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