Harnessing mobile-friendly content to spread AI knowledge


digital learning | machine learning | ui/ux design

The intention

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often described as “the new electricity” that is expected to have a major impact on all industries. Nokia, always up-to-date with the latest trends, partnered up with Bitville to design a modern learning solution with two main goals. First, to share their vast AI expertise internally amongst Nokians, and second, to inspire interest and generate curiosity.

Distributing AI competencies

With numerous state-of-the-art research and development projects of their own, Nokia is no stranger to AI. With this learning solution, the company was looking to distribute AI competencies across the organization. The approach was to highlight basic AI technologies and the consequential opportunities they bring. At the same time, Nokia wanted to emphasize the ethical side of AI and help learners grasp the current dialogue surrounding this new technology.

Shared passion for AI

For years now, Bitville has been investing in our own AI research and development. The research topics we have tackled range from attention-based question answering engines to speech synthesis with deep generative models. We also contribute to spreading AI competencies for masses both in university and workplace training environments.

A fruitful partnership

Due to our shared interest in AI, Bitville was the natural choice to partner up with Nokia's AI experts to create the learning solution. Together, we designed an e-learning course that was fully digital and mobile-friendly. We packed the course with engaging content such as story-like narration, spoken audio, and interactive elements. To finish things off, we topped the e-learning with an impressive look and well-designed functionalities to enhance learning and boost performance.