The keys to unlocking a sustainable future

Digital learning | Sustainability | UI/UX design | Localization

Sustainability as a key component

Sustainability is a key component of Nokia’s strategy and purpose. To support this, Nokia has implemented strong ESG practices in their daily operations. Nokia set out to communicate its approach and raise awareness of sustainability among their employees, while getting the learners to think about how ESG aspects are present in their everyday work.

Our response

Together with Nokia’s experts, we mapped out a digital learning solution that would impress and influence learners around the world. To achieve this, we would need to localize the course in 13 languages.

Close cooperation

The course had to be available regardless of the user's location and time, through the Nokia Learn mobile app. Bitville tackled this challenge with our developers by designing a fully responsive custom course that scales for all devices. This course is one of the first xAPI courses to be launched on Nokia Learn — so we needed to work closely with the Nokia team to test and ensure the best user experience.


Using light gamification and a visually interesting 360-degree panoramic menu along with videos, tasks, and scenarios, we created an engaging experience that introduces Nokia’s sustainability approach and helps learners understand these aspects in their daily work.

Supporting sustainability goals

Considering how ESG aspects provide value in all corners of business, digital learning solutions can truly support these strategic goals by raising awareness and help in changing behavior and mindsets worldwide.

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