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The intention

Nokia was looking for an effective way to train their European Sales Managers; a workforce that is spread across several countries and often on the road. Nokia needed a solution that would fit easily into the Sales Managers' workflow and provide support in sales situations by introducing the benefits and the value that their new products bring to operators.

Piloting a mobile learning campaign

Bitville worked with Nokia Networks Academy and the Nokia Networks Sales Capacity Development teams to pilot a new mobile learning solution. We wanted to offer a new way to teach, train, and track learning, and achieved this by breaking the training content into small, bite-sized chunks that were delivered over time diractly to participants' smartphones. The campaign approach we took meant dividing the content into 10 modules, including videos, polls and a quiz, and sending them to learners over a two-week period.

Why a distributed learning campaign

Distributing content over time supports long-term learning and sending it directly to smartphones meant the training would reach all participants and allow them to complete the modules when it suited them. It also allowed training managers to follow and track the progress of participants to measure performance and verify learning.

Bitville’s mobile learning solution is an innovative and fun way to deliver training content regardless of location – anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to use, activates participants and delivers feedback. Bitville are professional, innovative and reliable, and they are a competent and flexible partner.

Anne Tiinus
Sales Capability Development Manager

Anu Uusitalo
Solution Portfolio Manager, Nokia Networks

Obtaining valuable data

Hundreds of modules were sent to participants across Europe and they were successfully completed in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Greece and Finland. The various polls and quiz gave an insight into the group's thoughts on specific topics, and the tool's tracking system gave an overview of participation and performance.

Time well spent

After the campaign was finished, a survey was sent to participants and 100% of respondents said the mobile campaign was worth the time spent and that they would recommend the program to others, whilst 92% of respondents said the pilot acted as a motivator towards further learning regarding the content.

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