Remote upskilling initiative for managers


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Pandemic-era leadership development

Paulig wanted to offer its managers opportunities to develop their skills by launching its WeGrow performance management campaign. To do this remotely, new learning paths have to be forged. With a strategy that employed self-study, workshops online and separate learning modules for managers, Paulig set out to improve goal-setting and leadership practices.


Growing leadership skills

Bitville helped Paulig HR to design immersive and informative e-learnings that would later serve as onboarding materials. Our collaboration was effortless, and the content was welcomed with five-star reviews. The leaders were offered their own modules and learning paths which catered to their specific needs. The pandemic set its learning and development challenges, but despite these, remote learning proved an effective way to upskill at Paulig.

Bitville's learning designers listened carefully and adjusted the material according to our wishes remaining consistently professional in their approach and ways of communicating. The visual world was impressive, and we got exactly what we were expecting. The e-learning modules have been well received among our employees.

Heikki Vuopala
Director, HR center of excellence at Paulig Group

What's in it for the learner?

We made the e-learning interactive with real-life scenarios and compelling storytelling. We designed a relatable character whose leadership challenges were analyzed in the story. Our approach involved the managers by having them decide how to solve the character's problems. We threw some humor into the mix as well to appeal to the learners.


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