Code of Conduct


Digital Learning | Compliance | Localization

Committing to a sustainable and ethical workplace

The Valmet way of working is based on sustainability and ethical behavior, and this applies to everyone working at and with Valmet. Valmet wanted to ensure that everyone in the company follows the same guidelines for ethical and sustainable conduct.

They decided to use e-learning as a tool to approach the topic in an engaging way and to give people at Valmet confidence when facing ethically or morally challenging situations in their daily jobs all over the world. This course was localized into 17 languages.


Gamified content and personal connections

Ethics is a muscle that requires hands-on training. That’s why the course presents learners with compliance conundrums to solve, in order to exercise their understanding of the Valmet way. Learners also receive feedback with points and a success meter.

A passing requirement ensures that the learner has taken in the content and ways of working. Tasks with self-reflection create personal connections with the content.


Teamwork makes the dream work!

Working closely with Valmet, we chose a learner-centric approach with real-life scenarios to present how the Code of Conduct applies in Valmet’s day-to-day life.

Valmet offered their team’s expertise in creating relevant scenarios for each topic: the source material for the scenarios was collected through interviews we conducted across the Valmet organization.


Captivating learning with multimedia

Carefully chosen videos breathe life into each scenario and carry the story forward. Fresh graphics and light interactive tasks along the way activate and engage the learner in a memorable learning experience.

The course was specifically tailored for Valmet’s needs: it has the Valmet brand visuals and custom-made scenarios to resonate with the learner.