What we do

Our track record

Our expertise spreads across a number of topics and themes.


Boost your sales team with microlearning, gamification, and blended learning solutions.

KONE - Delivering inspiring sales training

Information security

Raise information security awareness and turn your employees into a strong line of defense.


Translate your Code of Conduct into a language everyone can understand.

Nokia - Harnessing the power of microlearning


We've had the pleasure to partner up with several organizations to advance various sustainability topics, such as climate change and diversity and inclusion.

Posti - Advancing Sustainability & Climate Change Awareness


Our long history with safety learning solutions has made us innovative in the ways we approach the topic.

Outokumpu - Digital methods for lasting industrial workplace safety


Welcome your new hires with a memorable experience and a carefully planned induction path.

Digital transformation

From IoT to 5G to AI, we can help you create a road map for navigating your company through the waves of digitalization.

Leadership and business processes

Topics like Continuous Improvement and LEAN methodology can be made simple with data visualizations and scenario building.

Our approach

We want to let you in on our secret sauce recipe for impactful learning that makes organizations thrive.

Fluent in the language of learning

Inspiring your employees

We capitalize on the natural inquisitiveness of all human beings with storytelling that uses playful, easy-to-understand language. By unravelling stories, we create emotional engagement that elicits deeper cognitive responses.

Crystalizing concepts

Sometimes the best rule of thumb is "show not tell." With things like 3D animation and videos, we turn dense graphs and complex concepts into easily digestible visuals, so your leaners can easily connect the dots.

Pairing your leaners with the right path

Knowing what path to send learners on is paramount for reaching the right decisions. You wouldn't ask a fish to run a marathon, right? We can deliver powerful learning moments when we pair the right approach with the right materials.

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Always made to measure

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Your content is king

Your key learning messages are our map and compass. Sometimes it means forsaking the comfort of a conventional e-learning format and venturing into the world of videos, immersive environments, or even custom-build platforms.

Solutions that reflect your brand identity

We design our learning solutions to look like you and sound like you. That means everything from colors to illustrations to images and the tone of voice being used.

Localizations to reach wider audiences

Some messages just hit home better when communicated in the learner's native tongue. We can help you create more meaningful experiences for the learners in any language.

Technology that empowers and enables

Harnessing technology to propel learning

Savvy software solutions have the power to make learning more immersive, interactive, and persionalized. From 3D design software to different authoring tools to various programming languages, we are alwayds on the lookout for new applications and frameworks that can help propel learning further.

Optimized learning experience, no matter the device

We design our learning solutions to provide an optimum viewing and learning experience across multiple devices, from mobile phones to desktops.

Getting the most out of your LMS

We love sharing our knowledge with clients and showing them what's possible. With a gentle nudge, your LMS such as Workday Learning, Cornerstone, and SAP SuccessFactors, can yield the results you'd like to see.

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Our bread and butter

While our specalities cover a range of skills and products, we've had the pleasure of mastering a few over the years.

learning platforms
Learning platforms

We design bespoke, smart learning platforms that help manage and empower learning.


Driving behavioral change with high-quality digital learning.

Visualization, 3D, and animation

With powerful data visualization, we curate information into a form that is engaging and easy to understand.


Piquing learners' interest and boosting motivation with smart use of game mechanics.

AI research

Paving the way for greater levels of individualization and versatility in learning with AI research.


Helping you map out your learning needs and get the greatest benefits from your learning platforms.